Tuesday, 18 December 2007

lazy .... hence picture tells everything !

I have been so lazy during the whole holiday and i am still am.
So figure the events by yourselfAzmi and me lost ....

i just love the colours !
tze yee and me
My cousin and me in notts gameslittle girl and me in notts keat room ....DOTA!

posing !?

LiEe and me in Bugis Lilian and Joshua(i think ) SingASS!!!! Sing Kwan

erm ... amresh !? Is that how you spell your name!?
chicken rice..who said there were no malaysian food ?

keat n singass

Sing Kwan Asia club...FOOS!!!!

Wrn*2 doesn't wanna take picture with meT_T

Wrn learning from LilianNIM NIM ... and erm .. JL ?i forgot T_T
Jin Lynn and meon the way back from London

sadass OUT !

Friday, 26 October 2007


ok, so no pictures for my birthday that because i din't take my camera out.
who cares !!!
well ... if you people are wondering wat have i been doing for the past fews days and what going on with my life ... well .. here goes...
first thing first, i got into the MASSUE community. It like a malaysian and singaporeans society in heriot-watt. I got the lowest and useless post(i think ) -webmaster. should be simple right ? emails ..blogs update .. and so on ... well at least it is still a post !!!

this is the ex communities handling their post to the new ones .... so yea .. justin got the president...it not easy!! good luck!!!

second is the emsa hari raya. it also another malaysian society but this time ... it BIGGER and BETTER (BULLSHIT !)... it a malaysian society for the whole edinburgh. they had a hari raya open house in one of the edinburgh university spots. it was kinda cool!!
look at that .. is just like a hotel when we first stepped in ... kinda cool!! by the way the door behind lai yen n wyie... is the girls toilet .. stupid positioning of the toilet!!

oh yea....then...VOLLEYBALL!!
i made it into the team ... how lucky i was .. cause everyone there was like ..TALL!!!
i din't dare to go for the basketball .. cause it like ... i'm so short T_T
we went to glassgow ... it was AWSOME!!
well the guys lose by a few point here and there ...SAD!!
but the girls won so still .. it ok .. it was fun ..it was like a trip to get to know the whole vollyball team .. well most of them are french... so it hard to talk to them once in a while or to understand thier jokes ... have to translate for us english speakers.

so my new number is 4 ! the yellow one is my old number 7...i still want that number ... but it belongs to my captain ...
the sport s hall in glassgow was like IMBA!!!
they have their own track in the hall itself. i was amazed!! so much cooler than heriot watt sport hall.. but then i still like heriot sport hall ..hahaha
i play basketball every wednesday morning ... it like a self-training .. it fun .. cause i really sweat it out ...
but no matter what .. i have to thank douglas wan for pulling me into volleyball a sport where i can actually excel and ling sii nen .. for training me .. to be a decent player ..not a NOOB!!!
so i got the libero ..but who cares .. still thanks to both of them .. i'm in the team ... !! ALIGATO!!!

james watt kampai to both of u !!!!and lastly the library ... it like 100 times way much nicer than the one in taylors .. it is kinda sad that i have to go the library even if is the third week ... cause mid term test .... ahhh... juz wanna see how i do .. study study !!!but it a nice place ... library..(so not me !!!)

so yea that all for now .. this coming sunday is the MASSUE deeparaya ... have to cook T_T ... help out la ... since got pro chef over there !! hahaha

sadass out !!!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

happy birthday?

ok ... so happy birthday to me !! yea ... whatever..

so how did i celebrated my birthday ... well ... i ate ..fish and chips ...
at the student union which was in campus ... anyway i was kinda lazy to go out ... or should i say we were lazy to go to town .. so we settle for homecook lunch and student union for dinner ...

no pictures .. haven been taking the camera everywhere i go ...

i'll post the pictures on emsa open house soon .. 4 now ... LAZY!!!!!

sadass out !

Monday, 8 October 2007

life goes on ...

ok ... this is why i hate blogging ... you have to find the time to blog ... and that sucks big time !!!
ok here goes ... the 2 part of scotland ....

ok..despite the fact that i have a really nice room ... good feng sui and all ... i still planning to move out due to some reason which i state later ... so yea ..

it was the first week ... not like there any lessons ... so we set up our own cyber cafe !!

well expected ... dotA freaks !!!!!

that was of course after dinner ... despite having a catered hall .. i still enjoy going over to other people place to cook ...

and we din't get poison !! so no worry .... just some simple food .. no one expect a big feast !

if you people are wondering how heriot watt look like .... here the main entrance and the garden .. it kinda nice .. i'll show you te drunken statue of that watt dude the next post .. seem like everyone here drunk including the statue himself .........


if you still worried that i din't wash my clothes ,... here some proof ... well we wanted to safe a little money ... dude... 3 pounds to wash n dry clothes ... OMG

the for of us ... wan yie , lai yen , kah hee and me .... that all the clothes ... it was kinda messy ... and we have to wait for like 90 minutes ... so wat did we do ........


for those who want to see how edinburgh city look like .. well i don't really have a lot of pictures to show ... so this should sum it all up ... unless i take more pictures the next time ....

not very amazing after all .......

and yea ...sport .. i joined the volleyball team .. i was like the shortest .. but i'm like sii nen !! YEA!!!
and guess what ... i can spike too ... despite being so shortT_T

there badminton ...
wan yie was like trashing everyone ass .. .T_Tkinda sad !!!

so yea .. i'll stop here ... tired ... no idea why some people love blogging like everysingle day !!!

(talk bout me too T_T)

so yea ...tat all .... next post .. about erm .. well .. just wait ...

bye bye i'm tired ...

sadass out !!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

first week!!! WTF!

So yea ,I have been waiting quite long to settle down before i post anything this blog .

Well i had a lot of activities to do and a lot to prepare.

So first thing about scotland ... COLD !! IT FREAKING COLD AT TIMES !!(AT TIMES)

I did travel to Edinburgh City, i wasn't as big as i expected... not as big as malaysia ... yea ... so i won't be comparing anything here with malaysia .. cause I'm in scotland .. what the use if i compare everything with malaysia .. it will give me the more reason to balilk kampung !!!

So yea ... my room .. i'm sure that the first thing everyone want to see is my room ... so here it is ...

the is my hall way ... it kinda creppy at night .. cause sometimes some lovely people would juz love to off the lights ... n make it so creppy !!!

this is my table ... i really love the position .. cause it facing the window ... it so brezzy ... so syok !look like some professional table too ..muahahaha

this is my bed ... well it kinda messy ... for now .. but i really love the position ... it against the wall ..

So as i was saying ... that was my room ... well the people in my hall are all mainly european... so i the only asian there .. it was kinda sad at one point .. where i don't know who to mix and how ...

but eventually .. drinking with them for one night did make a little difference .. of course not til i got drunk .. just a few cans ... but it was nice knowing them .. they are nice people

so yea ... here the first few night of drink with them ..

as you can see ... there a lot of cans of beers on the table .. but i only contributed like 3 cans or 4 ... so u can't say i wasn't controling myself .. i did !!!!

the guys ... damien , ross, carl , tom , and a few others ... they are really cool people ...

well i got the can of beer by myself .. but the jack daniel was in my room .. so cool!! IT LIKE FREE !! HAHAHA!!!

So i did met a lot of malaysian ... a lot of them were doing the same course as me .. acturial mathematics and statistics ... i was like .. OMG ZOMG WTF...

so i went to the city with 3 of them .. one of them is justin .. ex classmate ...

well despite being in another country .. we're still geeks rite ..

heyz i cant help if there a game shop or 2 selling cheap games ...

the pc games sections .. they were like really cheap for original games .. that is if you don't convert pounds to RM ... cause if you do ... it pain!! WELL .. unfortunately .. i din't buy any..din't want to waste money on unimportant things ...

this is like the new PS3 ... it was AWSOME !!!


well .. then the other pictures ... well .. i leave that for later... so yea...

i'll intro the few m'sian here...

this is lai yen and azmi ... ( if that how u spell his name ..) apparently .. azmi know my crazy mate ...ONG SZE KEAT !!!
ASDA ... after asda ... it like a tesco !!!

this is the group of people i sort of hang out with ... lai yen, kah hee, wan yie, and me !!

well since we don't really have a good spot to hang out in the campus .. we usualy hang out in one of our rooms ... this is lai yen room ... on the bed there is justin with wan yie and lai yen ...

this is the other group of malaysia ... expect for sini ... the one in the white shirt is tze yee ... she knows keat too !! WOO HOO !!

ok .. so that all for now .. i save the others for another post .. next post ..
the little cyber cafe i created !! MUAHAHA ... and the malaysian society stuff ... kinda cool ...
and me being in a catered hall .... or something like that ... it kinda late .. so i'm going to sleep ... night !!!

sadass .... OUT !